Cardano partnered with the Orion protocol to bring scalability to DeFi and NFTS

Cardano partnered with the Orion protocol to bring scalability to DeFi and NFTS


Both companies have teamed up to work on a flexible backdrop for DeFi products and NFTS. Cardano's multi-asset blockchain will provide greater interoperability for the Orion protocol.

IOHK, the company behind Cardano, partnered with the Orion protocol to become the Cardano blockchain's first liquidity collector.

Orion collected liquidity from crypto exchanges on a single DeFi platform, providing a non-surveillance gateway to the crypto market. The partnership with Cardano follows a series of integrations with other protocols such as Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Elrond.

Cardano To Bridge Crypto Market

This partnership provides Cardano with a bridge to the entire crypto market, where users can access liquidity decentralized from Central exchanges. According to a blog post , Orion and Cardano's primary focus will be scalability and flexible groundwork for DeFi products and NFTS.

On March 31, Cardano became a fully decentralized multi-asset protocol, a long-awaited launch by the DeFi community. With a multi-layered protocol, the integration of Cardano's infrastructure will ensure much greater interoperability, scalability, and performance of the Orion protocol.

“The Orion protocol is proud to be the first liquidity collector to develop Cardano's ground-breaking infrastructure, working together to ensure the scalability and sustainability of the DeFi and NFT areas."- Reads the article.

NFTS In Cardano

In addition to adding decentralized access to liquidity, both protocols will run on a domain for NFTS (non-exchangeable tokens) using Orion's NFT aggregator, the first of its kind to integrate all NFT markets into a single platform.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano's founder and CEO, recently shared his thoughts on the NFT movement. Sunday Sunday seems eager to work with a variety of marketplaces, apparently hinting that Cardano could support NFTS and their respective marketplaces .

NFTs are one of the hottest trends in the crypto community.

Cardano and his role in the DeFi field

Other communities in the DeFi area have criticized Cardano for not yet running smart contracts, adding that the network is overvalued. Hoskinson explained the timeline for launching Alonzo, the testing network that allows developers to create and deploy smart contracts on Cardano's blockchain, despite critics .

He also added that Cardano “overwhelmingly entered the race” despite not having a layer of programmability for smart contracts.

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